Moonshot Thinking

The sky is the limit' is not the answer because you limit yourself. Stronaut brings your organisation to the moon, and beyond!

Hands-on Experience

We believe the best way to grow your business is by using external forces who deliver hands-on ideas and setting word to action. Let's thrive on external new wind.

International Expertise

Knowing your global competition is an advantage, even for a local business. Stronaut help you map out the global competition and even grow your business outside the borders.

Launchpad for innovation

Bringing innovation inside an existing company is hard. There is no one-size-fit-all solution to create a sustainable business. Stronaut offers a wide arrange of services to find the solution that fits your companies needs perfectly. We believe in tailored-made solutions. With hands-on workshops and the 'Lease-an intrapeneur' program we bring your company to higher grounds!

Creative insights

When you are to focused on your daily job, it is difficult to spot the opportunities for innovation yourself. Stronaut is the external force you need to find those opportunities and turn them into succesful projects. Our fresh eyes deliver new creative insights and help you expand your vision.

Stronaut Academy

One day a week, every week, The Stronaut team comes together to give each other workshops, share best-practices and brainstorm together on the harder cases of clients. This way we make sure everybody is on the top of the game. The Intrapreneurs at Stronaut are T-shaped profiles who have one or two expertises, but have a good knowledge about everything else.

Promote innovation
@ the office

  • Half or full day workshop
  • Learn the Lean Startup basics
  • Inspiring your team

Lease an

  • Monthly based
  • Start developing innovation
  • Part of your team

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